You can find Hugh on twitter: @hughewilliams. Or why not send Hugh an email:

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hugh E. "Bud" Williams, III

    Dear Hugh:
    I’ve been following your career for some years now, hoping to capture if you ever stopped using it. Now, I find you are using all the more and to good advantage. Good on you.
    My son, Hugh E. Williams, IV is a fisherman on the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico and I thought would be a memorable email. He’s been under the Southern Cross with me. (I barack for the Swans and was hooked on footie in Sydney.)
    I just started Crossfit, first training ever, and I’m hooked at age 66. In June the doc tried to sell me two new knees. He gave me a brace and a walking stick. Now I use neither.
    No worries. If you ever give your noble URL, hit me up.
    Bud Williams

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