Hugh works for venture capital and private equity firms. Since 2017, he has worked with Permira (UK), BGH Capital (AU), TDM Growth Partners (AU) and Rampersand (AU). He typically supports due diligence and investing activities and works with portfolio companies.

Hugh has made many seed investments in startups, and tends to only invest in edutech, marketplaces, and search technology companies. Since 2017, he has invested in AmazingCo (AU), Ascenium (US/EU), Badook (AU), Boats Group (US), Catawiki (EU), CommentSold (US), Edrolo (AU), Firmable (AU), InsightTech (AU), Inquisitive (AU), Josef Legal (AU), Neoglyphic (US), Safti (EU), (AU/US, acquired by Algolia), Sendle (AU), and Startmate (AU) cohorts 2018-