Hugh E. Williams has had a career in three parts as an entrepreneur, professor, and technical executive. He is an expert in search engines and matching technologies, web services, and “big data”.

Hugh Williams

Hugh Williams, March 2012

He is a formal advisor to several companies, including Redbubble, Neoglyphic Entertainment, and MinHash. He also enjoys consulting to companies large and small.

In the latter part of his career, he has worked as an executive at eBay, Microsoft, Tinder, and Pivotal. Prior to that, he spent 10+ years researching and developing search technologies, and 5 years running his own startup and consultancy.

He has published over 100 works, mostly in the field of Information Retrieval, and including two books: “Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL” and “Learning Mysql” for O’Reilly Media Inc. He holds twenty-three US patents and over forty pending. He has a PhD from RMIT University in Australia.

If you’re interested in Hugh’s background, visit his linkedin profile.

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