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Six months, fifty thousand visits

Thanks for traveling on my blog journey. It’s been fun to have you along. It’s great to be writing again.

I’ve had around 50,000 views of my 31 posts so far. Here’s a few other factoids from the journey thus far:

  • The most popular post was about eBay’s size and scale, which I published on June 26. It’s had around 5,000 views, and made it into WordPress’s “Freshly Pressed” section. It’s also received the most comments and likes, and contributed to the blog’s busiest day, June 27
  • The least popular post was about my keynote at the PHP UK 2012 conference. That had 176 views
  • This story about Bing’s image search is one of my favorite posts, and my biggest surprise with only around 400 views
  • Referrals to the blog come from a few popular sources: Twitter (3500 referrals), Google (2200), Facebook (2300), LinkedIn (1400), and WordPress (1200)
  • Referrals to the blog don’t come from Bing (58 referrals), Ask (13), or Yahoo! Search (8)
  • I’ve had exactly 25,000 visits from the United States (where I live), 2600 from the UK, and 2400 from Australia (where I’m originally from)
  • When people search on Google (and subsequently land on a blog page), the most popular queries they type are: ebay.com, five variations of my name, query rewrite, and byte versus bit inverted index
  • There’s a few sites out there that occasionally highlight my posts, which I appreciate very much. The awesome highscalability.com has driven 900 views, Jason Haley’s great “interesting finds” blog has driven 58, and Y Combinator’s Hacker News about 80
  • If gossip in the corridors were a measure, this post about fitness and nutrition caused the biggest stir and got people talking the most
  • Ardent Logophile has offered the most comments on the blog, and thoughtful ones at that. Thanks Ardent!
  • A bizarre factoid: someone translated this post of mine on successful teams into Japanese, and added cool pictures (including Star Wars stormtroopers having a meeting)
  • This is far from the most popular site I own. That honor goes to the (no longer maintained) webdatabasebook.com that I built as a companion to my first book

The open question is what I should write about next. More on search engines? Management? Fitness and nutrition? eBay? Something else? Your thoughts?

Have a great week.