About Hugh

Hugh E. Williams has had a career in three parts as an entrepreneur, professor, and technical executive. He is an expert in search engines and matching technologies, web services, mobile technologies, and data science.

He’s currently a Vice President at Google. In the latter part of his career, he has also worked at eBay, Microsoft, Tinder, and Pivotal. Prior to that, he spent 10+ years researching and developing search technologies, and 5 years running his own startup and consultancy.

He has published around 120 works, mostly in the field of Information Retrieval, and including two books: “Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL” and “Learning Mysql” for O’Reilly Media Inc. He holds more than twenty-five US patents and over forty pending. He has a PhD from RMIT University in Australia.

If you’re interested in Hugh’s background, visit his linkedin profile.


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