More Sweatember Action

It’s getting late in Sweatember, and I’ve only shared one workout. It’s time to take my Sweatember motivation to the blog and share more ideas.

My buddies at I Choose Awesome are a tough, energetic bunch of Australians. They have great ideas for challenging workouts, and I took one for a test drive this week. Give it a try.

Half An Hour of Power

Write down these six exercises on a piece of paper, and head to the gym. If you don’t know the exercises, the links have short videos:

Try the Half An Hour of Power workout

Try the Half An Hour of Power workout

Start your stopwatch. Do ten of the first exercise, then move onto the next one. When you’re done with all six, that’s one round. Start again from the top, and see how many rounds you can do in thirty minutes. (For what it’s worth, I managed 7 and a bit yesterday — couldn’t quite get to 8.)

Too Hard?

It’s ok if you can’t do a pull up, or you’re worried about a kettle bell clean. Substitute something easier until you’re ready for the full Half An Hour of Power.

For an easier time than a pull up, try a row. If you don’t like the sound of a kettle bell clean, pick up an object (such as a medicine ball) and put it down again. You can always do your push ups on your knees to make them easier. If you don’t like the sound of any exercise, replace it with another one; for example, if you don’t like the burpee, replace it with a abdominal crunch.

Have fun.

I’m not an exercise professional. Do this at your own risk. Talk to a professional before beginning an exercise program.

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