PHP UK Conference 2012 Keynote – Video

The video of my recent keynote “A Tour of eBay’s Extreme Data and Platforms” at the 2012 PHP UK Conference is now online. Here it is:

The keynote is around 60 minutes. The talk has three parts. First, I explain eBay’s scale, and offer some insights into eBay’s usage and the extreme data we generate and store. Second, I give three examples of how we use our data to build customer products and features, and  two examples of platforms at eBay: Cassini, our new search engine, and, a new and innovative gateway for consuming http APIs. Last, I offer an opinion on online commerce and speculate about how it’ll play out over the next two or three years. There’s a short Q&A at the end. Enjoy!

1 thought on “PHP UK Conference 2012 Keynote – Video

  1. Bobby Kostadinov

    Hi Hugh,

    I was there and really enjoyed your presentation. It was really interesting to hear of problems from a different dimension. After all, if this can be done, why I am complaining from an under-performance data. Off to optimize it ! 🙂

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